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Angel card reading and healing:

During your Angel session Stacy-Lynn will be relaying healing messages and guidance to you directly from your Spirit Guides and Angels.  This Divine Knowledge helps you strengthen your faith that there is Divine Guidance that surrounds you and guides you throughout your days.  You will receive an Angel Card Reading as well as a White Light Blessing Session. 


Psychic reading:


During your reading Stacy-Lynn uses different divination methods; Tarot, Oracle Cards, Stones, Mediumship.  Readings offered in person at The Divinity Lounge in Portsmouth, NH, via email, Phone, and Video calling using an iPhone.  Please specify in the notes section how you would like your reading delivered to you.  Readings are for 60 minutes.

If you would like an email reading or phone reading a picture of you and your passed over loved one you are wanting to connect with needs to be emailed directly to  Please include your contact information and Stacy-Lynn will be in touch to schedule a time. 


Intuitive life coaching:


Through Stacy-Lynn's Intuitive knowledge, abilities and the use of the services offered, Stacy-Lynn can help her clients using techniques you will not find in traditional counseling.

 "Throughout our lives we all go through many challenging situations that have dictated our reality. We allow ourselves to be the victim of our past which in turn creates our present and our future. I can help you uncover why. This seven-step program I have designed is the same process that I have guided many individuals through including myself to help them become a leader of their own life. This information I am sharing really is life changing. It has helped me uncover why I view myself and others the way I do. Why I have gone through so many challenges in my life. It has helped me uncover all the rules I have set on myself based upon situations I have gone through. It has answered the question so many people ask themselves, "Why does this keep happening to me?" It has taught me how to truly set positive intentions in every aspect of my life, it has showed me how to truly forgive someone and let go of the pain that I buried deep down into myself. It has opened my eyes to guidance I believed was always there, I was just not sure how or why to access it. It has given me an entirely new perspective on myself, my life, my relationships, my job and most importantly it has given me knowledge that I just never really had before. I truly believe you will benefit from Intuitive Life coaching." ~ Stacy-Lynn



Contact Stacy-Lynn directly at or 1(603)969-7217 to schedule your appointment.

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As a Mother, Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Psychic Medium, Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Minister Stacy-Lynn has amazing information and knowledge to share with you.  She can assist you both in your personal and professional life.  Stacy-Lynn guides you to and through your other side.  Assisting you in finding your Higher Self and Spirit Guides and Connecting you to passed over loved ones by being a Medium to your Soul’s truth.  Guiding you to success in all areas of your life you only dreamt of by opening your heart, mind and soul.  Through private session or workshops Stacy-Lynn can help you find the answers you have been asking for.


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